August 14, 2017


   How great are airports? I'm sure most roll their eyes when thinking about a stroll through an airport. But I'm thinking about it from a different perspective. It's literally a melting pot of all walks of life. From the business woman dressed to the nines to the millennial rocking head phones, shredded jeans and Ray-Bans. Airports have got it all.
   Often I walk through there and am left wondering about those appearances and those people's lives. Initial thought is always: "they got it together" -- or "what a train wreck". Judgement is unstoppable isn't it? For those who strike me as having it together, makes me wonder how they do it. But the likely reality is they have something they are struggling with. Appearances can definitely be deceiving and hiding behind a sweet V-neck with slick-back hair can be quite a front.
   We all have things we can work on, no question about it. Often I believe the aforementioned struggles people have are likely directed at others. "Why did they say that to me?"; "Why are they acting that way? "; "Man, they suck at life and do it to piss me off".
   Typical thoughts, yet I'm guessing the reality is always reflected back on the individual. I think too often we find ways to blame others for our problems when the truth is we need a mirror. We'd only be kidding ourselves to think we have nothing to work on. We all can improve our human being status.
   Get upset too easily? Recognize it and take small steps to improve it. I know I could use help here. Don't sweat the small stuff, right? How about thinking before speaking? Do they really want my opinion on this; moreover, do they really want my unfiltered opinion? Am I thinking of the consequences of my choices? Tough concepts to deal with. It's one thing to accept who you are, and we all need to on some level. But it's a whole different ballgame to then take small flaws and try to improve them.
   Working on some of these things daily ought to yield results over time. I've got ways to go myself, but I believe realizing it is a huge start. For those who think you are perfect with nothing to work on, good for you. For the rest who don't lie to themselves, keep working at it. Those around you will appreciate your efforts.